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This website and the sales of services and products it facilitates are bound by the terms and conditions detailed on this page. Your use of them constitutes tacit acceptance of this. This page will be updated when necessary, and the responsibility falls upon you to be aware of any changes.

Site Ownership

This website is owned and operated by:

Eurocams Limited
Company Registration Number: 04108703
2 Stafford Place, 
BS23 2QZ.

General Terms

Please note: Any exceptions to these terms are not binding unless confirmed by Eurocams Ltd. (the company) in writing.


Ownership of the goods remains with Eurocams Ltd. (the company) and will not pass to the customer until the company is paid for the goods in fully-cleared funds plus all other amounts owed by the customer to the company.

Where the goods are attached to or incorporated in any other goods or have been altered by the customer, ownership of the goods shall not pass by virtue of the attachment, incorporation or alteration, and if the goods remain identifiable and were attached to or incorporated in other goods, can be detached or removed from them.

If the customer is overdue in payment for the goods or any other goods supplied by the company, the company may recover and resell them.

The company may enter the customer's premises for this purpose and may if necessary detach or remove the goods. This does not affect any other rights of the company.

Should the customer sell the goods before paying for them and all other amounts owed by them to the company, the following conditions apply:

  1. The customer must hold from the proceeds an amount covering the original price owed for the goods to the company in a separate bank account.

  2. The company may trace the proceeds of the sale into any financial account, bank or otherwise, which the customer maintains wholly or partially.

  3. The company may by written demand require the customer to assign to the company the right to recover the price from its purchaser.

  4. The customer must not assign to any other person any right arising from sale of the goods without the company's written consent.

Any terms of purchase, or title of goods, or retention of goods stated or otherwise listed on the customer’s official order form shall be superseded by this document and will be considered null and void and therefore not stand if the customer purchases goods from the company.

These terms and conditions remain enforceable even if the customer should apply for bankruptcy, or go into liquidation, receivership, or administration.


Eurocams Ltd. cannot accept any cancellation of goods orders made bespoke to the customer’s requirements or schedule.


Complaints regarding incomplete, incorrect or damaged delivery must be reported in writing by fax, email or post within 7 days of the arrival of the vessel or vehicle at the port of destination.

Provided a complaint is justified, it is at the sole discretion of the supplier after the complaint has been investigated whether the customer is compensated with a credit note or replacement goods.


All prices are subject to revision without prior notice and all orders are accepted subject to the prices agreed at the time of dispatch.


Packaging is invoiced at cost and the company does not accept the return of packaging.


Clear instructions regarding the customer's nominated shipper, as well as any required shipping documents and customs clearance formalities, must be provided with each order.  The company cannot accept liability for any losses or expenses resulting from insufficient or incorrect instructions.


Every effort will be made to keep delivery dates, but no liability can be accepted for loss caused through delay or non-delivery.

The company reserves the right to suspend deliveries to any customer as long as payment for any goods previously supplied is in arrears.


In cases of Ex-Works, FOB, C&F or CIF terms, the customer is responsible for arranging any and all insurance cover that they require to cover each and every delivery shipment sent to them by the company.

The company will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred, and will only accept orders on the condition that the customer will insure the goods from ex-works to final destination.


If the carrying vessel or vehicle cannot reach the port or place of destination given in the CIF clause, but has to be unloaded at another port or place for any reason beyond our control, we shall not be liable for any extra costs or expenses incurred.


Payments must be effected prior to delivery, unless a different method has been determined at the time of confirmation of the order. In case of late payment, the company reserves the right to attach and charge interest for the delay at the company's current bank rate.


The customer agrees to pay any and all monies due to the company in Pounds Sterling per the invoice, unless any alternative currency payment has been agreed between the parties in writing. The customer also agrees to pay any bank charges incurred for making payment transactions to the supplier.


The company will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by non-delivery or delayed delivery due to force majeure.


The location of contract and legal domicile for either party is Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, England, UK.


The company warrants all goods supplied by it to be free from defect in material and workmanship. As such, its sole liability is limited to replacing goods that do not meet this standard.

Such goods should be returned within twelve months of delivery date, or 12,000 miles from installation, whichever comes first. The company does not warrant goods which have developed defects through misuse, neglect, overloading, unsuitable or incorrect lubrication, improper installation or repair, alteration or accident. Note that all goods returned will be disposed of after examination.

In addition, the use of any goods supplied by the company for performance improvement or any form of motor competition shall void their warranty coverage as a matter of course.

Ease of Access

In the design and development of this website, we sought to create a solution that would work excellently for users of all kinds and abilities. If any aspect of the site doesn't succeed in that regard and is proving problematic, please notify us so we can seek to rectify the issue.