Quality Focus

Here at Eurocams quality is absolutely synonymous with our ethos. To this end, we have an extensive portfolio of testing equipment to ensure our products meet our exacting criteria.

One of our most frequently used machines is the Zwick Roell Rockwell Hardness Tester. Hardness is a critical property of many valvetrain components such as Camshafts and Rocker Arms. If the part is not hard enough it will wear prematurely and this could lead to it failing or increasing wear on other associated parts. Generally, a failure in the valvetrain leads to extensive engine damage often necessitating a full rebuild.

The Rockwell scale is based on indentation hardness of a material. The tester applies a pre-determined force to an indenter, typically a small diamond or steel sphere, into the material to be tested. The depth of the resulting indentation is used to calculate the hardness. This process allows Eurocams to accurately control the hardness of any incoming product.

Hardness Tester Zoom
Rocker Arm Image